We will refresh some of the more critical points from Defensive Pistol 1.

You will not be on a square range when it hits the fan; you will be moving, seated, and carrying items.

In class, we go over:

  • Safety
  • Mindset
  • Situational Awareness
  • Drawing from the holster with a cover garment
  • Shooting on the move
  • Drawing and shooting from sedated
  • More shooting from behind cover
  • Shooting from ground positions
  • One-handed shooting
  • One-handed manipulations
  • Clearing malfunctions one-handed

Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Prerequisite: Defensive Pistol 1, or Defensive Pistol 1 Extended
Duration: 1.5 days (1 hours in the classroom and 11 hours on the range)
Class Size: 12 students maximum
Equipment: Handgun, holster for gun, 3 magazines, magazine pouch
Personal Protective Equipment: Eye and ear pro, optional knee and elbow pads
Round Count: 300 rounds of factory ammo, more is always better
Cost: $335 ($75 non-refundable deposit)
Range Fee: Included