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It is only a matter of time before iron sight only guns become the exception, not the rule. Red dot sights (RDS) adoption rate is increasing at a quick rate. The RDS shines at longer distances and with aging eyes, you can shoot more effectively. You will come to appreciate the RDS and its capabilities.

It is not a rule but, recommended that you have some introductory defensive handgun class.

In class, we go over:
  • Safety
  • Pros and cons
  • Zeroing the system
  • Acquiring the dot
  • Maintenance/Cleaning

Level: All
Prerequisite: None
Duration: 4 hours
Class Size: 12 students maximum
Equipment: Handgun with a red dot, holster for gun, 2-3 magazines, magazine pouch
Personal Protective Equipment: Eye and ear pro
Round Count: 200 rounds of factory ammo, more is always better
Cost: $105 ($30 non-refundable deposit)
Range Fee: Included